Server Rules

It is recommended that all players take their time and read each of these document before joining their respected realm, to avoid being punished. If you are unsure of any rules we encourage you to make a ticket and ask a staff member to clarify it. Below are links to the rules:
ScreenShare Rules:

Discord Rules:

Factions Rules:

Staff Applications you do not hear a response in 2 Weeks you can assume you are denied.

Rank Transfers

Ranks Transfers are done on a case by case basis, but please keep in mind your account is NOT our responsibility. If something happens, that is on you to figure it out. • Your account gets locked, this isnt our issue. Buy your account. Mojang unlocks accounts if you provide them with the transaction ID/T ID. • Your account gets hacked. Learn to use stronger passwords, your terrible passwords arent our issue, Mojang Unlocks accounts if you provide them with the transaction ID/T ID. • If your reason for a rank transfer falls outside of these reasons above please feel free to create a ticket and ask if you could get your rank transfered.


Apart from normal content creators, you can also have the option to partner with our server. Content Creators are usually talked with behind the scenes, anyone who thinks theyre fit to partner with our server can contact us. We are always looking for people to partner with so we can have the most enjoyable experience for our players. If you are interested in becoming a partner, DM Denies#001 and he will work out all the details with you from there!

Nitro Boost Rewards

Nitro Boosting will allow you to receive rewards for boosting the PvPLabs Discord! The rewards will be listed below! - Nordic G-Kit - Booster Tag

PvPLabs Store

Fishing Mod