Screensharing Rules

You may be frozen at any time for any reason. You can choose to admit to cheating or breaking the rule you are being frozen for for a reduced punishment before the screenshare commences. You will be given 3 minutes from the time you are frozen to join the Screenshare Waiting Room.

  • You are allowed to be frozen whilst Raiding/Pvping.
  • While playing on PvPLab you automatically agree to all of the rules hereby listed. Using the excuses “I didn't know” or “I didn't see it” will not be valid reasons if punished.
  • The PvPLab staff team reserves the right to change these rules at any time without any public notice. It is your responsibility to keep updated with these changes whether they are announced or not.
  • All rules fall under PvPLab Administration discretion at all times.
  • A staff member that is screenshare verified reserves the right to freeze a player at any time and for any reason. Staff members are not required to provide the player with the reason or evidence behind their screen share (AC logs, reports, etc).
  • If there is anything in this document that you are unsure of, please make a ticket in our discord and clarify your issue with a staff member.
  • If any files or applications are modified, deleted, cleared, or otherwise tampered with; we reserve the right to ban the player being screenshared. Go right into AnyDesk without touching anything else on your PC to prevent this from happening to you.
  • Turning off any logging functions of your pc will result in a ban (ex. Deleting / turning off  USN journal, store subkey, prefetch, etc.)
  • Admin Permissions; you may not refuse to give staff “Elevated Access”/Admin permission during the screenshare. Failing to do so will result in the corresponding punishment below.

Screenshare Tools

Staff have full authority to run any of these programs listed below to assist in screen sharing, refusal or inability to run these programs may be listed as

“Refusal to screen share”.

Anydesk (

Process Hacker 2 (

Search Everything (


LastActivityView (

UserAssistView (

ShellBagsView (

USBDeview (

RegScanner (

BrowsingHistoryView  (

BrowserDownloadsView (

TurnedOnTimesView (

Disc Drill
( )







Logging Out Whilst Frozen:

Logging out while you are frozen is prohibited.

  • Punishment: Permanent Ban (Disclaimer if the ss is for blacklistable offenses refusing will result in a blacklist)

Refusal To SS:

If any player is frozen by a staff member, that player is not allowed to refuse a screenshare for any reason at all. Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) or any other private information/software is not a valid excuse to avoid a screenshare. Being AFK is also not a valid excuse to avoid a screenshare. Before playing our server we recommend you removing/moving any personal files you don’t want us to go through. Failing/refusing to run AnyDesk/join discord will also be considered refusing a screenshare.

Failure to run any of the screenshare tools permitted will also result in refusal to screen share.

  • Punishment: Permanent Ban

Trolling While Being Screenshared:

Any kind of trolling during an SS is not allowed. This includes if you open webpages without the staff members consent and/or delaying the SS in any way. E.g opening troll files/joking around.

  • Punishment: Permanent Ban

Refusing To Stop Recording:

When being screenshared you are not allowed to record. If a staff member tells you to stop recording and you are, you must stop all recording software and close them. Refusing or starting a new recording during an SS is prohibited.

  • Punishment: Permanent Ban

Illegal Modifications:

Any modification that gives you an unfair advantage over other players is prohibited.

  • Punishment: Permanent Ban

Admitting To Cheating:

Admitting to cheating or using any sort of illegal modification will result in a shorter ban. This can only be done before the staff member joins anydesk. You cannot admit during an SS.

  • Punishment: 14 Day Ban

ScreenShare Tool Killers:

Any type or form of “Paladin Killers” “Echo Killers” or any type of software to block/prevent ScreenShare Tools from downloading/running.
                     Punishment: Permanent Ban


Any external or internal program used to automatically left click and/or increase clicking speed will be deemed an auto-clicker. This includes any client side autoclickers, external program autoclickers, or using hardware to increase clicking speed or automatically click. The use of macros whether client side, external programs or hardware macros are not allowed. This excludes debounce time.

  • First Offense: 3 Day Ban
  • Second Offense: 7 Day Ban

Ghost/External Clients:

Having any ghost or external client on your PC while being screenshared is prohibited.

  • Punishment: Permanent Ban


Having any active Booter/Botnet used within the time of the map will result in the punishment below.

Punishment: Blacklist

Having a any DataBases IP-Lists Doxes or anything of the sort will result in the punishment mentioned below.

  • Punishment: Blacklist

Ratting/IP Grabbers:

  • Punishment: Blacklist

String Cleaners/Ghost Client Cleaners:

Running Any type of program(s) that deletes strings while on the server or after being frozen is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to programmes that modify/delete prefetch files. Clearing your browsing history on any browser before an SS is also not allowed.

  • Punishment: Permanent Ban

Hidden Inaccessible Drives:

Hiding your files in an inaccessible drive on your PC is prohibited on PvPLab.

Example: Veracrypt, DiskCryptor, GnuPG, FileVault, etc. Fat32 USBs and disc partitions are not allowed.

  • Punishment: Permanent Ban

Modifying/Deleting Files Before A SS:

Modifying or deleting any files or programs before a screenshare is strictly prohibited. This includes editing your recycle bin before the SS. This rule includes deleting personal files or videos before a screenshare. This also includes but is not limited to modifying USN Journal, Browser History, Browser Downloads. This also includes restarting any process.

  • Punishment: Permanent Ban

Strikes/Strikeable Offenses:


When a player is blacklisted the faction is punished with 1 point regardless of the offense, all blacklist offenses have different severities below all blacklist offenses and the amount of points given when broken will be listed. You may be blacklisted and given points for offenses not listed as all punishments and actions come down to staff discretion, as well as the punishments listed may be changed depending on the situation.

Breaking the Booters/BotNets rule will lead to 3 points being given.

Breaking the Database/IP-Lists/Doxes rule will lead to 2 points being given.

Ratting/IP Grabbers:
Breaking the Ratting/IP Grabbers rule will lead to 3 points being given.

Blacklist Evasion
Evading a blacklist punishment will lead to the original punishment the user was previously blacklisted for.